Trust  •  Competence  •  Communication

TRUST that your advisors have parallel interests to your own.

At Crawford Capital Management our interests are always parallel with our clients. Our only compensation is tied to the success of our investment management. We never receive compensation related to transactions or product sales. We sit on the same side of the table as our clients. This is the foundation of a relationship built on trust.

COMPETENCE that entails thoughtful investment analysis and research, not marketing financial products and sales.

Rather than focusing on sales and marketing like most of the industry, Crawford Capital Management spends the majority of the time analyzing the investing environment, measuring risk and reward, and continuously reviewing our client investment portfolios and financial lives.

COMMUNICATION that entails listening to our clients' concerns and goals as well as explaining all financial decisions.

Understanding our clients and our clients understanding us are key for successful relationships. Careful listening and explaining leads to this mutual understanding, which results in clients feeling confidence and a reduced sense of anxiety about their finances.